uhhuh who you are,
...a heretic mage that has unlocked the secret of forbidden magic...

ash, 21 y/o summoner. i play a lot of ffxiv, write, vent, and obsess over various other things.

dagny fletcher on gilgamesh.

Still crying over Final Fantasy Nerdfest XIV.

how was nerdfest

i’m crying in the pheonix airport wearing my I Beat Odin shirt while also trying to download the live letter to listen to and find a recording of the keynote, reading the subreddit and bluegartr forums, crying over the expansion and the incredible hype and—yeah.

fanfest has broken me.

Sitting around waiting for the live letter to start, and got some staff members to sign my book.

What a weekend.

I just high fived yoshi-p. Gonna try not to cry.


Everyone in XIV today:


Good morning mimosa!

I’m lying in bed next to my ex right now and I can feel the tension between us

And I’m curious who’s going to break first


toph’s first snapchats

I ran into foxclon and awkwardly said hi and that’s my embarrassing story for the day so done

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